Meet the Species Champions at the forefront of the 25 Genomes project!

25 Genomes so far: hundreds of questions, thousands of public votes and more than 80 live chats between schools and the 42 Species Champions.

Meeting the champions isn’t just for schools, though – you too can hear their cases for sequencing in the 25 Genomes Open Live Chats.

This Wednesday 29th November, you’re invited to join the drop-in Live Chats, happening in every Zone.

From 8pm-9pm, join the Species Champions for live chats, talking to any-and-everyone about what makes their species the perfect candidate for having its genome sequenced! Want to find out whether it takes longer to sequence the DNA of bigger organisms, how global warming is affecting species or even to know what a genome is?

Join a chat and find out about the species in the running and DNA sequencing.



How to take part

  1. If you’ve not already registered an account, simply connect with your preferred social media profile on the homepage.

  2. Then, click on the Zone you want to chat in first by clicking the “Join” link on the side of the page.  You’ll need to do this in every Zone you want to take part in.
  3. You’ll then be taken to your profile in that Zone. Just click ‘Chat’ at the top of the page!



You can drop into the Chats at any point between 20:00 – 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 29th November.


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